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Vapestick Cartomiser Refills
Cheap Electronic Cigarettes

About E Cigs Online We are a small company founded by Simon Baker and Chris Marsden after discovering the XL Vapestick Starter kits through a friend. We were both reasonably heavy smokers and the costs mounted up every month.

We’d both tried various electronic cigarettes in the past with little success so I personally was very surprised when a friend passed me his Vapestick to try one evening in the pub. It was cold and raining at the time so the alternative was standing outside in the rain for a rollie. I’ve never looked back. A few puffs on the Vapestick and the craving for a cigarette had gone away. I hadn’t had to get wet, hadn’t wasted half my money anyway by throwing half a cigarette away because it was too cold or i didn’t really want it all, and I could do it in the comfort of a chair in a nice warm pub with a pint in my hand. I’d forgotten how much I missed that!!

The money saving are also extremely important. I used to smoke tobacco I’d bring back in bulk when I went on holidays or trips. My generally cost of smoking was very low because I’d buy in bulk where it was cheap, it used to cost me £2 a day to smoke. I now get 3-4 days out each cartomiser and you get a pack of 4 for £8. That’s 12-16 days for £8, that approximately 50p per day. Cheaper than imported Tobacco.

Chris smoked Marlboro lights at £8 a pack. Which would last him 2 days if he didn’t goto the pub. So £4 a day. He now gets 4-5 days out each cartomiser, which means his cost per day is now under 50p a day. At a conservative estimate he’s saving £3.50 a day, £24.50 a week or £98 a month.

And what’s more it’s much healthier. There are no carcinogen, tar, smell, or mess of smoking.

So we started this company to try and promote this great product and the benefits it’s brings, we hope you discover these too.

Simon & Chris