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Using Electronic Cigarettes In Public

Smoke in your pub, Casino, and even in some workplaces. Get more info on smoking your electronic cigarettes in public places?

Do electronic cigarettes smell?

Depending on the environment you are in, it is possible to detect an extremely faint but pleasant smell in the immediate vicinity of the user, which lasts for no more than a couple of seconds following exhalation and then completely disappears. It certainly leaves no lingering or nasty smells in the room, or on your clothes, or on your breath.

Can I use my VAPESTICK® on a plane??

UK law says that anything involving 'lit tobacco' falls under the smoking ban. VAPESTICK® electronic cigarettes do not contain tobacco (lit or otherwise) and therefore do not fall under the ban. However, individual companies and establishments have the authority to set their own rules of course. There are a few individual airlines who have chosen to disallow the use of electronic cigarettes on their planes. The others seem to allow vaping on board. Determined vapers tend to be discreet about it either way. The biggest concern by those airlines who have disallowed it is about the potential reaction that might be received by other travellers, perhaps further down the plane, who might mistake a vaper for a tobacco smoker and think it’s OK for them to light up a cigarette! In reality, if you are discreet about it, rarely will anyone even notice. You should also remember that some destination countries (such as Australia) have banned electronic cigarettes altogether, so you should check the laws in your destination country before flying.

Is VAPESTICK® suitable for vegetarians?

The e-liquid used inside our refill cartridges contains 3 main ingredients; Propylene Glycol, Flavouring and Nicotine, and is therefore suitable for vegetarians.

Is there any danger of passive smoking with a VAPESTICK®?

No. There are no passive or second-hand smoke dangers when using a VAPESTICK® electronic cigarette. There is no danger to the people around you, even in enclosed spaces such as your car or office.

Is using a VAPESTICK® healthy for me?

No, it could not be called 'healthy', but it is fair to say that it is 'far healthier' than tobacco cigarettes! Nicotine is addictive and in excessive levels it can raise blood pressure and eventually harden arteries, but it is not a proven carcinogenic. It’s the tar, carbon monoxide and the thousands of other toxic chemicals found in tobacco smoke that causes the serious health damage. Other than nicotine (which is also found in patches, gum and inhalators of course), electronic cigarettes contain none of these other harmful chemicals and is therefore generally considered to be a far healthier alternative.

Are electronic cigarettes harmful to me?

Not when compared to the alternative of smoking tobacco they're not! Nicotine, whilst addictive, is no more harmful in these diluted quantities than caffeine is in coffee. The other ingredients, propylene glycol and flavouring, are also considered safe for human consumption by the world's health organisations. There is no tar, no carbon monoxide, nor any of the thousands of other harmful chemicals found in lit tobacco, making electronic cigarettes a far healthier alternative to tobacco.

Can I use electronic cigarettes when I am pregnant?

If you are pregnant or breast-feeding, we would recommend you discuss the use of these products with your doctor, before you start.

Using Electronic Cigarettes In Public

Date Added: 25/07/2013 00:00:00 by E Cigs Online

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