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Vapestick Cartomiser Refills
Cheap Electronic Cigarettes

How does the cost compare?

You can save upto 75% off the cost of smoking real cigarettes using our Vapestick Electronic Cigarettes.

One packet of 20 tobacco cigarettes cost around £8 in the UK today. One box of 4x VAPESTICK Cartomisers costs £7.99. So, one Cartomiser costs just £2.  And you can expect (on average) that one cartomiser will deliver approximately the same ‘smoke-time’ as you would get from approximately 30 tobacco cigarettes. So that's 75% less money than a tobacco equivalent, for 1.5 times the smoke-time!

Even allowing for replacement batteries (say every 10 weeks or so), using a rechargeable VAPESTICK electronic cigarette works out around 70% cheaper than smoking normal cigarettes over a year!

How does the cost compare?

Date Added: 09/09/2013 00:00:00 by E Cigs Online

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