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Vapestick Cartomiser Refills
Cheap Electronic Cigarettes

Troubleshooting your Vapestick Product

Should you encounter problems using any electronic cigarette purchased from us we offer a non quibble replacement policy. However a lot of issues can be resolved by reading this troubleshooting guide first

Here you will find the most frequently asked questions and answers, which should have you 'up and vaping' again straight away. As new questions become more frequent this page is updated, so please check back any time you have a question, as it may have been newly added! If you have any question that is not covered below, please write to info@e-cigs-online.co.uk and one of our team will get back to you as soon as we can.

My New Cartomisers Don't Work?!

In 99.9% of cases, it is not your cartomiers that don't work, it is your battery/s that has either become due for replacement, or just needs a slight re-adjustment.

Battery Re-Adjustment: Sometimes, if you have 'over-screwed' a cartomiser onto a battery, the little circular disc (visible inside the connector end) might have been pushed a little lower than its optimium connection position. Try using use a pin or paperclip to gently raise the disc upwards a little (from the edges of the disc) - ensure you dont overdo it though, as it only needs to be raised very slightly (by just millimetres) - you may find that's all thats needed for your battery to now fully connect to any cartomisers that aren't working. 

Battery Replacement: We always say you should aim to replace your batteries every 8 to 10 weeks (of normal use), because after that time they start to hold less and less charge and deliver less voltage. A battery needs to deliver a minumum voltage in order to 'kick-start' the new 'atomiser' contained inside every new cartomiser. If the re-adjustment above doesn't do the trick, you can find replacement batteries for your model here

Struggling to get my new XL Charger Case to Work!

First off, try a case reset - to do this you just click the button 5 times in a row (on the front panel of the case under the screen).

Then make sure the case is fully charged, using the USB charger lead provided with your kit (via a laptop, PC, playstation etc).

When all 4 bars on the screen show as full, the case is fully charged.

Then, just drop the battery you want to charge (connector-side down) into the second-from-right-hand-side slot. Close the lid of the case and then hold and depress the button on the front panel of the case for around 4 seconds. The screen should then change from blue to red, and a charging symbol will also appear. This means the battery is now charging. 

NOTE: If you need to open the lid for any reason (while the battery is charging), the charging process will stop. Once you close the lid again, just restart the charging process again, as described above. 

Then, once the screen shows blue (on a single button depress), it means the battery has been fully charged!

The LED screen on my XL slimline V Charger Case has gone blank!

Dont panic - this simply means the device needs a reset. Just click the button underneath the screen 5 times and the screen should re-activate straight away (provided the case has some charge remaining)

Will my 'old' XL batteries work with your new Slimline XL Charger Case?

We are currently only offering the new XL slimline V Charger Case as part of a new full XL Starter Kit (which includes 2 new XL batteries) because our new slimline V Charger Case only works/charges the new-style XL batteries. We had tried (hard!) to have it work with the old XL batteries too, but it just wasn't possible, given the new 'touch-charging' capability of the new case (as opposed to 'screw-charging', as used with our 'old' batteries/cases). This means that you won't be able to charge your 'old' XL batteries with the new slimline Charger Case, and can only charge our new XL batteries (as supplied in the new kit) with the new case. You can differentiate between the two (old or new batteries) by looking at the end tip - the 'old' ones are light grey, and the new ones are dark grey/black.

The new XL cartomisers (as supplied inside the new slimline kit) are slightly shorter (and even better performing) than our 'old' XL cartomisers, but both still work perfectly with either battery, old or new. We are going through a transition to supply only the new shorter XL cartomisers as ongoing refills, for all XL customers (new and old), but in the meantime there will be a period where we are still supplying the existing, longer XL cartomisers, which also fit inside (and work perfectly well with) our new slimline charger case.

XL Customers: Owners of an 'oid' XL, can take advantage of a very special discount on a new XL (Slimline) Kit - you just need to write in to enquiries@vapestick.co.uk and they will confirm the details. 

My VAPESTICK® is making a popping or weird sound when I inhale.  Is this normal?

This can occasionally happen and is nothing to worry about. It is the sound of the atomiser going through the vaporisation process. It is not dangerous at all and should not affect the vapour production or your vaping experience. If ia cartomisr remians particulalry noisy, then you can always replace it for a fresh one.

Why am I am getting no vapour from my VAPESTICK®?

For Cartridge models: This could be one of 3 reasons. You either need to recharge your battery, or you need a fresh cartridge, or you need to replace your atomiser. You should check and remedy these three things - in this order - and you will be up and vaping again in no time.

For Cartomiser models: it could only be that the cartomiser has finished/run out of liquid, or is faulty, or that your battery requires a recharge. If you think your battery is fully charged, try a new cartomiser. If that doesnt work, then battery requires a recharge, or has reached the end of its useful lifespan and needs replacing.

My new MAX Atomiser isn’t working!

Applies only with 'pre-filled cartridges': Occasionally (and a little frustratingly), new atomisers for the MAX can sometimes take a little effort to get going. It is highly unlikely that it is faulty, but if it ever was, we would of course send you a replacement immediately.  

There are a couple of 'tricks of the trade' you should try (after ensuring you have removed the blank cartridge it comes pre-assembled with and replaced it with a fresh one from the bottle):

1. Heating up the Atomiser - hold the fully assembled device (with a fresh cartridge attached) in between the palms of your hands and with your hands open flat. Then move your hands in opposite directions, back and forth - effectively twisting the MAX so that you are pressing and depressing the manual battery button during this process. This way you are warming up the atomiser making it easier to get it kick-started.

2. Allowing the e-liquid in the cartridge to fully interact with the atomiser - Again, with a new pre-filled cartridge attached, and again with your MAX fully assembled and battery fully charged, gently shake the device up and down repeatedly for about 10 seconds (this assists the e-liquid to drip down onto the atomiser). After each few shakes, try inhaling sharply several times (with the manual button depressed), to see if that gets it going. Several short sharp inhalations often proves a very effective technique for this.

Repeat the above processes a couple of times if necessary - your persistence will usually pay off!

Failing all the above, then the atomiser must be faulty, in which case simply let us know straight away and we will send you out a replacement immediately. It is important that any faulty atomiser is returned to us, so it we can ensure the issue is properly investigated.

I don't seem to be getting the amount of puffs from my 'Cartridge' as estimated?

A typical user should get the equivalent ‘smoke time’ from a single refill cartridge, as you would from approximately 10 to 20 cigarettes, depending on the model selected.

As a rough guide:

  • Classic and Design = approximately 100 puffs per pre-filled cartridge 
  • XL = approximately 150 puffs per pre-filled cartridge
  • MAX = approximately 200 puffs per pre-filled cartridge  

This amount of puffs per cartridge can on ly ever be an approximation, based on factory 'puff tests' and user experience - it cannot allow for a multitude of external factors, the biggest one of all being that every smoker’s smoking style is different.

We have found that our customers prefer to have a rough approximation of puffs upfront, as opposed to vaping entirely in the dark – which is why we give the above estimates, but the reality can and does vary significantly from user to user, for any, or all, of the following reasons:

  1. The model used (the Classic and Design models have smaller cartridges and therefore hold slightly less e-liquid that those in the XL and MAX models)
  2. The condition of the Atomiser – once your atomiser starts to lose its efficiency you will start to experience less puffs per cartridge. Once your atomiser is reaching the end of its efficiency, it will tend to drain/use a lot more e-liquid than normal with every puff you take.
  3. The condition/charge of your battery - if the battery is weak with charge, or is starting to reduce in efficiency, then this will affect the number of puffs acheived per cartridge.
  4. Smoking style - our estimates are based on smoking just like you would a normal cigarette, with small sharp draws – if you take longer, deeper draws then the amount of achievable puffs will of course reduce.
  5. Where cartridges are stored (cool and dry is better for storing e-liquid cartridges, rather than a warm or hot environment).
  6. Achieving full use of cartridges – the next time you think a cartridge is finished, try giving it a little twist and then gently shake the device vertically a few times (allowing the e-liquid at the top of the cart to slide down the internal wadding, so it can better interact with the atomiser).

Lastly, if all of the above does not apply and you are experiencing significantly lower than our estimates, it is possible that the refills themselves may have been supplied to us with less e-liquid than usual (this does happen very occasionally). If this is the case, please write to enquiries@vapestick.co.uk with the details and we will rectify the issue swiftly for you.

Troubleshooting your Vapestick Product

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