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Spring Honey Honey 8oz Bakers Pure and Natural Filey Spring Honey

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8oz Bakers Pure and Natural Filey Spring Honey

Brand :Vapestick
Honey - Spring Honey
Stock Code : Spring2016
Price £3

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Description - This spring honey has been collected, by our Bee Hives located around Filey. They have been feeding on Hawthorne, Canola, Buttercups and Holly.

This has produced a light, mild honey that is very tasty.

Each bottle identifies tells you a little about each queen, and the location and type of nectar available to the foraging bees to truly back your honey from us individual!

Vapestick - Vapestick e-cigs are the best we've ever tried. We were heavy smokers before finding vapesticks and starting this Buisness selling the best in Vapestick Rechargable and Disposable electronic cigerttes

Honey - Our honey is harvested from Filey, Scarborough and Whitby and is completely pure and natural, straight from the comb!

Spring Honey - Our spring honey is collected by our bees hives in Filey. Surrounding our Aipary is lots of lovely Hawthorne, lavender and Canola, which creates a light, mild pleasing honey.

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  • 14_8oz_Bakers_Pure_and_Natural_Filey_Spring_Honey

    8oz Bakers Pure and Natural Filey Spring Honey

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